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Critical Home Rehabilitation Program

HTCC's Critical Home Repair Rehabilitation Program provides critical home repair assistance to homeowners of in the City of Montgomery for their principal residence.

The 24 CFR standards are used to determine if immediate repair actions are necessary due to conditions which pose an imminent threat to the health and safety of the occupants, or to the building structure.

Critical repairs under this program must meet the following essential objectives:

Relieve imminent threats to the health of occupants of the home.

Remove imminent safety threats to the household and/or its occupants.

Loss of Shelter
Prevent the imminent total loss of shelter due to deterioration, fire, or catastrophe (where no alternate means of recovery or resources exists).

Block further deterioration of the home by protecting and preserving its structural integrity.

- exterior grade drainage deficiencies
- certain plumbing leaks
- other conditions that cause the improper exposure of the 

  house structure and/or components to moisture

Applicants must have owned their home and have lived in it as their primary residence for the one year or more immediately prior to being qualified for participation in the Program. Persons who use their home to conduct business or as rental property, in whole or in part, are ineligible to participate. If determined ineligible for any reason, applicants may re-apply 6 months after the determination of ineligibility.

Applicants should be aware that HTCC's housing rehabilitation programs are not entitlement programs. The HTCC reserves the right to delay, postpone or deny participation in any of the programs at any time. Participation requires adherence to terms of the Construction Contract, Program Guidelines, Code of Conduct, as well as applicable local, State, and/or Federal requirements.

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